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Sr No.  Cluster Name (*) Industry (*) Office/State  View Profile (*) Product Photo
62  SINDHUDURG FOOD PROCESSING CLUSTER  Food Processing and Health Drink   Maharastra, MAHARASHTRA-MUMBAI-SO   Profile Photo  
63  GADCHIROLI POTTERY CLUSTER  Metal and Pottery   Maharastra, MAHARASHTRA-MUMBAI-SO   Profile Photo  
64  GUJRAT NEERA CLUSTER  Food Processing and Health Drink   Gujarat, GUJARAT-SO   Profile Photo  
65  CHITTOOR WOOD CARVING CLUSTER  Carpentry Wooden Works   Andhra Pradesh, AP-HYDERABAD-SO   Profile Photo  
66  AMRAWATI BEEKEEPING CLUSTER  Bee-Keeping   Maharastra, MAHARASHTRA-MUMBAI-SO   Profile Photo  
67  HINDUPUR AGARBATTI CLUSTER  Agarabatti   Andhra Pradesh, AP-HYDERABAD-SO   Profile Photo  
68  DEVARAKONDA JEWELLERY CLUSTER  Traditional Jewellery   Andhra Pradesh, AP-HYDERABAD-SO   Profile Photo  
69  COORG BEEKEEPING CLUSTER  Bee-Keeping   Karnataka, KARNATAKA-SO   Profile Photo  
70  NACHIYARKOVIL BRASSMETAL CLUSTER  Metal and Pottery   Tamil Nadu, TN-CHENNAI-SO   Profile Photo  
71  SIDDHA AND AYURVEDA CLUSTER  Ayurveda   Tamil Nadu, TN-MADURAI-DO   Profile Photo  
72  KALPETTA BAMBOO CRAFT CLUSTER  Cane & Bamboo   Kerala, KERALA-SO   Profile Photo  
73  KOZHIKODE BEE KEPING CLUSTER  Bee-Keeping   Kerala, KERALA-SO   Profile Photo  
74  JHALAWAR KHADI CLUSTER  Cotton   Rajastan, RAJASTHAN-JAIPUR-SO   Profile Photo  
75  Mehsi River Shell Button Cluster  River Shell Button and Lac   Bihar, BIHAR-PATNA -SO   Profile Photo  
76  GANDHIGRAM CRAFT PROCESSING CLUSTER  Cane & Bamboo   Tripura, TRIPURA - SO   Profile Photo  
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