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Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India
Khadi Monpa Handmade Paper (10750)

Price: ₹ 50 per sheet (Inc. of GST)

Minimum Quantity 5 sheet

  • Monpa Handmade paper is a 1000-year old heritage art which has been resurrected from the verge of extinction by Khadi Commission. Also known as "Mon Shugu" in local dialect, this paper is handcrafted by local artisans in difficult mountainous terrains of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and is known for its excessively long shelf-life which is believed to be nearly 500 years. For many centuries, Monpa handmade paper has been used for writing Buddhist scriptures, manuscripts and for making prayer flags which highlight the religious and cultural value of the paper. Writing on this paper is also known to be tamper-proof. Made from the bark of a local tree Shugu Sheng, Monpa Handmade paper is identified by its distinctive translucent fibrous texture and weightlessness. Natural fibers add great tensile strength to this paper making it apt for various art works. This paper is 100% eco-friendly which uses no chemical in the making.
  • Size : length - 24 inch, width - 16 inch
  • Color : Natural brown
  • Texture: translucent & fibrous
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Contains no chemical additive
  • Contains no artificial color
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