No of Institutions with Target
No of Inst. MDA Claimed
Total MDA Claimed (Rs. in Lakh)
Total No. of Artisans :

MMDA Highlights

a)III Qtr MMDA Claim should be submitted by
Khadi Institutions on or before 15th January 2017

b)MMDA will be 30% on Prime cost in place of
Production cost and applicable only on Non-RC items

c) 40% MMDA shall be for Khadi producing Institutions.

d) 20% for Khadi Selling institutions.

e) 40% will be Incentive for artisans and other karyakartas involved in production.

f)Incentive for Spinner/Weaver will be 30%
and Incentive for other Artisans involved in
Production activities will be 10%

Sample Calculation for MMDA (Non-RC)

a) Let Prime cost be Rs.1000 and MMDA 30%

Total MMDA Rs.1000 X 30% =Rs.300

b)MMDA for Khadi producing Institution Rs.300 X 40%=Rs.120

c)MMDA for Khadi selling Institution Rs.300 X 20%=Rs.60

d)Incentive for Spinners/Weaver Rs.300 X 30%=Rs.90

Incentive for other Artisans Rs.300 X 10% =Rs.30

Total Incentive for Artisans Rs.300 X 40% =Rs.120