S. No
3rd Tranche Conditions
Evidence to be submitted
1 KVIC shall have ensured the completion of the audit of remaining two hundred and twenty (220) eligible KIs by independent auditors.  Summary of Audit findings Complied 
2 KVIC shall have (i) undertaken the independent assessment of the Khadi Reform Package, (ii) held a stakeholder consultation on the outcome of the assessment, and (iii) prepared appropriate measures to address the feedback.  a. Evaluation report from Mott Mac                                                    b. Report on the stakeholder consultations Complied
3 KVIC shall have created the basic testing infrastructure for the Khadi Mark.  Testing Infrastructure Report Complied 
4 KVIC shall have continued to conduct random spot audits of KIs regarding the adherence to the licensing requirements for the use of Khadi Mark. Summary of spot audit reports Complied 
5 Based on the outcome of the survey, KVIC shall have identified products for both domestic and international markets and develop marketing strategies for all Khadi related institutions and products.  a. Market Survey Reports              b. Strategy report based on survey Complied
6 KVIC shall have prepared a product catalogue and set up the market information system.  Report on the operational MIS and capability  Complied 
7 KVIC shall have monitored and assessed the effectiveness of the implementation of the benefit chart.  Assessment report Complied 
8 KVIC shall have continued the phasing out of production incentives on other categories of products and assess the impact on sales as a result of this Progress report Complied
9 KVIC shall have implemented the management information system in 400 Kis Progress Report on fully operational MIS in 400 Khadi Institutions Complied
10 KVIC shall have implanted the integrated application system. Detailed report on progress and note on the Go Live Complied
11 KVIC shall have adopted the comprehensive reforms plan to empower and revitalize the four hundred (400) eligible Khadi institutions.  Comprehensive Reform Plan Report Complied 
12 KVIC shall have categorized the remaining KIs using the modified norms. a. List of re categorized KIs and                                 b. modified categorization norms Complied 
13 KVIC shall have signed with two hundred twenty (220) eligible Khadi institutions the MOUs for comprehensive KI reforms.  a. List of MoUs with dates of signing and                                    b. sample MoU Complied 
14 KVIC shall have ensured that three hundred and twenty (320) eligible KIs shall have implemented the comprehensive reforms plan. Progress Report Complied 
15 KVIC shall have evaluated the performance of four hundred (400) eligible KIs. Evaluation Report Complied
16 KVIC shall have ensured the establishment of one (1) cluster for each of the identified village industry. Progress Report Complied 
17 KVIC shall have ensured the implementation of the comprehensive capacity building plan in the identified clusters.  Progress Report Complied
18 KVIC shall have monitored the performance of the clusters Progress Report Complied